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New guild website for Muppets

.Daisy, Jul 28, 11 8:38 PM.
Heya guys,
    If you have join my new guild Muppets we have a new website for you to join,

(>'.' )><3

o.o new guild !!

.Daisy, Jul 14, 11 9:52 PM.
Heya guys,
        The Family is no more (disband),  I have made a new Guild called Muppets which ur all more than welcome to join ^_^

Love ya <3

New Start !!

.Daisy, Jul 7, 11 3:51 PM.
Heya guys,

We have made a lot of changes to the guild.. all for the better.   I have kicked a lot of ppl from the guild, if i kicked one of ur toons im sorry just apply again im just trying to get rid of the ppl that dont play any more.  

One of the main things we ask u to do is to cheak this site as much as u can, i do update it and put up info about any raids/events we r doing, so if u wanna join in please apply to the event on here so we can see who can come

Also please read the guild rules !!!

love ya (>'.' )><3

Sever Maint...

.Daisy, Jul 4, 11 4:51 AM.
ahhhh its a big one guys...   maint starts at 21:00 (sever time) and will last for 5-6 hrs    its ok tho hopefully we get some cool new stuff to play with
Well if u get bored and wanna talk come in the chat room at the top.

love ya
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